pure green and white clays and preservative free, natural cosmetics
BDIH, the trademark which certifies natural cosmetics.
DEMETER, an internationally recognized quality certification that labels officinal herbs and generally all agricultural products obtained using the Biodynamic method as conceived by Rudolf Steiner.
AIAB, the cultural association which promotes new sustainable lifestyles that are environmentally friendly.
ICEA, the ethical and environmental institute certification.
LAV, the trademark of the association which defends the life and rights of animals.


A working environment that is at the same time both dynamic and serene, made up of young, capable, and motivated individuals. These are the basic factors that go to creating a unique and closely-knit team that follows each and every product throughout the production process: from the extraction and grinding of clay (Pippo); production and quality control (Pino, Rossella, Adel); packaging (Raffaella, Cristina, Melania, Cristina); reception of consignments and the execution of orders (Giovanna and Toni), to the administration and reception of foreign orders (Sabrina, Stefania, Laura, Giusy) and package quality control (Ascanio). All under the careful supervision of Dott. Giuseppe Ferraro, the founder of Argital and Head of Research and Product Formulation.

Argital in Australia

In Australaia Argital clays and cosmetics are distributed by Argital-Australia Clay For Life. Under the direction of Renzo Zanella – a passionate advocate of the health and beauty benefits of utilising the safe and restorative range of Argital.

To read more about Renzo, his use of, and relationship with Argital clays and products download the article A Tale of Inspiration and Information from Spa Australasia magazine 2010.

Photos by Vito Vamptelli