pure green and white clays and preservative free, natural cosmetics
BDIH, the trademark which certifies natural cosmetics.
DEMETER, an internationally recognized quality certification that labels officinal herbs and generally all agricultural products obtained using the Biodynamic method as conceived by Rudolf Steiner.
AIAB, the cultural association which promotes new sustainable lifestyles that are environmentally friendly.
ICEA, the ethical and environmental institute certification.
LAV, the trademark of the association which defends the life and rights of animals.

Clay in Sacs

Clays are the main component of the earth’s surface, and play a vital role in the life of man and the realm of nature. Argital green clay is rich in life-giving forces and warm energy absorbed from the sun during the drying process. The unique properties of clay make it ideal as a body modelling agent and as a natural anti-ageing product.

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Finely ground, sun dried 100% Pure Green Clay.

Using Argital green clay and water, an ancient and natural binomial, a mask is prepared to protect and regenerate the skin. When applied to hair, it becomes shiny, healthy and thick. Argital fine green clay is also recommended as a foot-wash, to relax and regenerate tired and weary feet.

25kg $21.86/kg = $546.50
25kg $24.00/kg = $600.00


Therapeutic Clay can be taken internally as a detoxify and general tonic. It also makes an excellent deep cleansing facemask or healing poultice. This Superfine Activated Green Clay ensures better absorption than other clays whether used internally or externally. The clay goes to where the abnormalities are in the body, absorbing harmful substance & toxins whilst leaving healthy areas untouched. At the same time, your body absorbs the essential minerals it needs from the clay.

20kg $29.01/kg = $580.20