pure green and white clays and preservative free, natural cosmetics
BDIH, the trademark which certifies natural cosmetics.
DEMETER, an internationally recognized quality certification that labels officinal herbs and generally all agricultural products obtained using the Biodynamic method as conceived by Rudolf Steiner.
AIAB, the cultural association which promotes new sustainable lifestyles that are environmentally friendly.
ICEA, the ethical and environmental institute certification.
LAV, the trademark of the association which defends the life and rights of animals.

Client Comments

To Renzo,
just a short feedback to let you know how happy I am using Argital Clay products, I’ve been using clay for about 8 years now and I’m so happy how my skin looks , the face cream antiwrinkle  is the best my skin feels and looks great . The clay I use it in my bath and it’s fantastic you feel so refreshed and clean, I highly recommend your products to any one not only because it’s such a natural and chemically free product , but they really work , they are just the best .

Ps: thank you for importing such wonderful products.

Maria Celentano. Melbourne. Victoria

Dear Renzo,
It is with great excitement that I am writing to you today. I have had some terrific results with your Activated Italian Green Clay.

I run a clinic in NSW where we treat people with incurable diseases, namely cancer. We had a lady here who is almost 60 years old with breast cancer who used to be a painter using very toxic paints. The tumor on her breast was about the size of a 10 cent piece. We had her in a hot clay bath for 30 minutes, saunas and cold sheet treatment for the space of one week, every day. This program included juicing, raw foods, eating your clay and also applying it on as a poultice along with some herbs.

Within the space of 1 week, the tumor in her breast had decreased by about half its original size! I was amazed. This clay is really of the best quality in the world. After using your Italian Green clay, I will never go back to using French bentonite or any other inferior clay. When we are dealing with people’s lives, quality matters and your clay has been the very best we can find.

Thank you for supplying us with this excellent product.
Karen Prahin

Dear Renzo,
I have been doing detoxification programs for years now on myself. I juice fruits and vegetables on a daily basis; I use saunas and consume lots of different raw foods and super foods. I also exercise regularly and maintain a high water intake. However, when I went into your clinic, I did not expect to feel the way I felt when I came out.
Your massage technique and skill is unique. You made myself and my wife feel very relaxed during the whole 3 hours you had us there. The products you used on us were the best quality, I could feel the difference. And the facility you have is excellent quality. My favourite part is the hot bath with jets; it makes you feel brand new!
When I came out I felt like I have never felt before, so relaxed and clean. In 10 years of healthy living and detoxification I have not experience a feeling like this. I feel this procedure is very conducive to good health and longevity. I would definitely (and do) recommend this to anybody who is interested in a deep cleanse relaxation, stress relief and skin detox.
Thank you for your friendly manner and professional approach Renzo. We will definitely be back.
Best wishes for your work,
Steven and Karen

Renzo’s high class deep tissue massage is unique, with skill and technique, I have had a massage with various massage therapists and have found no one who compares to the massage I have had with him. His ability to pinpoint areas in need of work is incredible; his ability of releasing deep muscle tension is incredible. I would recommend him to anyone in need of real “deep” tissue massage. You find yourself feeling comfortably assured that you will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic experience.

Also I experience Green clay warming mud for my joint pain or muscle and I take a clay bath it eases the pain tremendously every time. After having treatment I fill much better and my skin feels soft, clean and invigorating.

Anita B – Melbourne