pure green and white clays and preservative free, natural cosmetics
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BDIH, the trademark which certifies natural cosmetics.
DEMETER, an internationally recognized quality certification that labels officinal herbs and generally all agricultural products obtained using the Biodynamic method as conceived by Rudolf Steiner.
AIAB, the cultural association which promotes new sustainable lifestyles that are environmentally friendly.
ICEA, the ethical and environmental institute certification.
LAV, the trademark of the association which defends the life and rights of animals.


A completely innovative idea is the use of non-abrasive green clay gel which, together with other active ingredients, cleanses, tones, strengthens gums and prevents dental cavities. Argital toothpastes prevent the formation of dental plaque.

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Mint Toothpaste (Demeter)

Refreshes the mouth with Green Clay Gel and pure essential oil of Mint.

75ml – $20.80

Sage Toothpaste (Demeter)

Tones the gums and ensures complete cleanliness with Green Clay Gel and Sage pure essential oil.

75ml – $20.80

Dentie Toothpaste

Whitening and astringent with Eucalyptus globulus carbon, Pepermint pure essential oi and Propolis.

75ml – $22.20

Flowers Toothpaste

Floral taste and aroma with Green Clay Gel and pure essential oils of Pepermint, Wild Mint, Thyme, Lemon, Clove, Anice, Eucalyptus and Cinnamon.

75ml – $20.80

Omeobital Toothpaste (Demeter)

Compatible with the use of homeopathic remedies with Green Clay Gel, pure Lemon essential oil and Anice oil.

75ml – $22.20