pure green and white clays and preservative free, natural cosmetics
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BDIH, the trademark which certifies natural cosmetics.
DEMETER, an internationally recognized quality certification that labels officinal herbs and generally all agricultural products obtained using the Biodynamic method as conceived by Rudolf Steiner.
AIAB, the cultural association which promotes new sustainable lifestyles that are environmentally friendly.
ICEA, the ethical and environmental institute certification.
LAV, the trademark of the association which defends the life and rights of animals.


The luminous silicious forces in Argital green clay renders hair healthy and strong, preventing hair loss. The highly biogradable nature of the cleansing properties in Argital shampoo, obtained from precious vegetable raw materials, provide a delicate and effective hair shampoo wash. The inclusion of vegetable proteins helps to restructure the hair. Officinal herbs, pure vegetable oils and pure essential oils balance the sebaceous production of the scalp, preventing dandruff. No preservatives.

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    Shampoo for Blonde or Delicate Hair

With Green Clay and extract of Chamomile flower (Demeter).

250ml $23.55
Shampoo for Dry or Normal Hair

With Green Clay and extract of Burdock root (Demeter).

100grm $23.55
Shampoo for Oily Hair & Anti-Dandruff

With Green Clay, Nettle and Rosemary (Demeter).

250ml $23.55
Vegetal Hair Conditioner (Balsamo Vegetal)

For Soft & Manageable Hair with Green Clay and pure Jojoba Oil.

250ml $27.70
Anti-Dandruff Lotion

Helps prevent dandruff with pure Rosemary essential oil and pure Jojoba oil.

100ml $31.90